Insurance for Your Home PC 

Insurance for Your Home PC

If you work at a large corporation, odds are good that a Firewall sits between you and the outside world. But the increased availability of cable and DSL service means you could spend more time connected to the Internet from home--and more time as a potential target for hackers. You're somewhat vulnerable even on short dial-up connections. Unfortunately, most people become aware of the danger only after they become victims. With cyber attacks increasing, it is predicted that firewalls will be ubiquitous in five or six years.
But you don't have to buy an expensive, hard-to-maintain security system for your PC. Personal firewalls, usually based on the application gateway model, can keep you safe. These products don't require you to program complex restrictions. They'll guide you through a setup that asks you what you want to allow or block. They can also help you monitor intrusion attempts and protect you from most Trojan horse or spy ware programs that let a hacker control your computer over the Internet. They can hide your identity while you surf, too. On the basis of their iniquitousness, firewalls Move into the Mainstream
While most personal firewalls are available now as software that you install on your PC, some experts predict that firewalls will be integrated into hardware in the next few years. That means the next DSL or cable modem you buy or lease may have a firewall already installed. To make maintaining a firewall easy, they say, companies will offer subscription services. Maybe You just need to pay $50 a month and the company will make sure your firewall is up-to-date. That maintenance is key to keeping your data safe: As soon as hackers hear about a weakness in a firewall, they hunt for people who haven't upgraded to the latest version and break in.
As our dependence on the Internet and computers grows, so will the personal consequences of a security breach? Whether to protect your personal information from theft or to keep your PC from being hijacked by a hacker, installing a personal firewall makes sense.

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